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  • Total rating
    71%142 / 200
    • Members area
      86%43 / 50
      • Navigation
        80%16 / 20

        Overall navigation in the members area works just fine, my only grief is a few redundant clicks in some navigational patterns.

      • Clean
        70%7 / 10

        Moms Bang Teens has some advertising in the members area, which may be slightly confusing at first.

      • Speed
        100%10 / 10

        No problems with speed. The members area loads quickly and downloads run at full speed.

      • Streaming
        100%10 / 10

        Moms Bang Teens uses the same awesome streaming player as the other realitykings sites, and it works great.

    • Value
      66%99 / 150
      • Original
        100%10 / 10

        All videos are exclusively found on momsbangteens.

      • Content amount
        16%8 / 50
        • Archive size

          There are only 90 episodes in the archive so far.

        • Annual updates

          27 updates have been added in the past year - new ones are posted roughly biweekly.

        • Niche specificity
          40%4 / 10

          Momsbangteens should be all MFF threesomes; one MILF, one teen and a youngish guy. I'd rate that as a 6. It delivers the threesomes, but most moms look a lot like professional porn stars, so I'm dropping niche score to a 4.

      • Content quality
        90%27 / 30
        • Resolution
          90%9 / 10

          Full HD 1080p MP4 downloads are awesome and clear. Streaming player offers decent quality.

        • Lighting
          90%9 / 10
        • Camera
          90%9 / 10
      • Model rating
        80%16 / 20

        The young models are generally adorable, but the MILF actresses aren't particularly convincing.

      • Action rating
        90%18 / 20

        Given the nature of the storyline acting isn't poor. All scenes have nice threesome action and definitely aren't boring.

      • Extras
        100%20 / 20

        Well this site needs to grow for a few years before it will justify it's subscription price on it's own, but full access to the realitykings network should keep you satisfied while you wait.

      Terms and conditions state that there is a 10GB per day limit. It does not seem to be enforced.

Other stats

  • Age group
    18 to 45

    Daughters are 18-23 and moms 35-45.

  • Bust size
    Small to Big

    Almost all mothers have implants.

  • Amateur or pro?

    Most of the young models (ie. the "teens") are likely amateurs, but almost all MILFs (ie. the "moms") are clearly professionals - nearly all of them have silicone implants, many are over-tattooed.

  • Hardcoreness

    All scenes include MFF hardcore threesomes.

  • Females / scene
  • Males / scene


  • White
    Most scenes
  • Ebony
    No scenes
  • Asian
    No scenes
  • Latina
    Some scenes

Nearly 100% North American white chicks.


  • 3 days
    USD 4.95
  • 30 days
    USD 24.95
  • 90 days
    USD 49.95
  • 365 days
    USD 99.95

Stay away from the trial membership - it is limited and converts at a significantly higher price.

Moms Bang Teens is a reality porn site featuring threesome sex scenes with a teen, a MILF and a younger male model.

Storyline sets the scene

Being reality porn there is a large part of each scene dedicated to establishing the premise of the threesome. The storyline of the scene usually either involves mom hitting on the daughters boyfriend and the daughter surprising them - or the mature mother catching the young couple having sex and getting mad but - what do you know - joining in on the fun.

You'll need quite an imagination to buy into that story, and it certainly isn't any easier in the scenes where mom and daughter engage in lesbian lovemaking before the guy even gets involved... Obviously you should rarely expect Oscar worthy performances in porn, but (given the rather far-fetched scenarios) acting is actually not bad in these videos. I was very sceptical at first, and have to admit skipping the set-up of the first few scenes I watched - but found that the performances actually did add value to the hardcore threesome suck, fuck and cum that follows.

Darling daughters but mediocre mothers

The young girls do look a bit over 18, but they are almost all very cute and natural looking amateurs. However, the models portraying mature women in these MILF + teen videos are not natural looking at all. Almost all of them have silicone implants, and quite a few are excessively tattooed - giving the overall impression of being very professional porn stars rather than the mothers they are portraying.

So to sum up - as far as the niche goes - I couldn't say it clearer than what one user wrote in a comment: "This scene was so good that I didn't care that no one in the scene looked like a mom or a teen."

Technically great, but lacking content

Moms Bang Teens is among the youngest sites in the realitykings network of high quality amateur and reality porn sites, and as such the amount of content is not overwhelming - at least not yet. Updates are posted roughly biweekly, 27 new scenes have been added in the past year. The quality of videos is great when you stream the HD-version, and even better when you download the full-quality 1080p High Definition MP4-version which is often larger than 3GB in size. Videos typically run 35-45 minutes. Camera work, lighting and color balancing are much above average for a reality themed site.

Take it for the bonus

When you buy access to momsbangteens you automatically get a full membership to the entire reality kings network of mostly reality- or amateur-themed porn sites. Read the review of the best porn subscription on the web. This includes sites such as MILF hunter, which has a huge archive of mature women as well as many amateur teen sites.


There are some great teen + mature MFF threesome action on Moms Bang Teens, and as long as you don't expect to see ordinary soccer-moms portraying the moms it offers some pretty awesome scenes. However, the limited amount of content means it isn't quite worth the subscription on it's own.

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