Captain Stabbin - Once a Great Anal Site

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  • Total rating
    81%161 / 200
    • Members area
      86%43 / 50
      • Navigation
        80%16 / 20

        Navigation works well overall. There are a few unnecessary clicks from the front page to the streaming player, which cost a few points. Most videos are tagged, you can order by date or rating and filter by tags.

      • Clean
        70%7 / 10

        There are ads for both third party sites and network sites in the members area, which makes it look a bit messy at first. It's not bad enough to interfere with usability once you get to know what is what.

      • Speed
        100%10 / 10

        The members area loads fast and downloads run at full speed.

      • Streaming
        100%10 / 10

        The streaming player has all the features you'd expect - inter-scene navigation by thumbs etc. plus the very cool feature of tags at specific points in the video so you can simply click "Anal sex" to jump straight to that part.

    • Value
      79%118 / 150
      • Original
        100%10 / 10

        All videos are exclusive to Captain Stabbin.

      • Content amount
        72%36 / 50
        • Archive size

          There are 273 episodes currently in the archive, and only twenty-some of them are high definition.

        • Annual updates

          The site is still alive, and new updates are added every now and then, but not nearly regularly enough. Only 6 updates have been added to the archive in the past year at the time of writing this review.

        • Niche specificity
          60%6 / 10

          All scenes feature outdoor anal adventures on a boat so relatively high niche score on this one.

      • Content quality
        67%20 / 30
        • Resolution
          50%5 / 10

          Newer updates are available for download in 1080p full HD MP4 format, but since only a fraction of the archive are "newer" the average quality is not up to par with todays expectations.

        • Lighting
          80%8 / 10

          Outdoor scenes are difficult, but I only found myself annoyed at shadow etc. few times.

        • Camera
          70%7 / 10

          Hand held cameras on a moving boat are bound to produce some shakiness, but under the circumstances not bad overall.

      • Model rating
        70%14 / 20

        Some scenes feature insanely hot chicks in great anal scenes, but the majority of models aren't outstandingly cute.

      • Action rating
        90%18 / 20

        Hardcore outdoor anal action - definitely not boring.

      • Extras
        100%20 / 20

        Not having a lot of HD content itself, it probably won't take you long to start looking at the extras, and luckily they're worth you time. Full access to the entire Reality Kings network is a massive addition of value.

      There is a daily download limit of 10GB according to the terms and conditions, but in spite of exceeding this by several times I have not hit any trouble.

Other stats

  • Age group
    18 to 30

    Most models look young.

  • Bust size
    Tiny to Big

    No particular focus on tit size, so the full range is represented.

  • Amateur or pro?

    Older updates clearly has pure amateur girls in them, but the few updates that have been posted recently feature more professional looking models.

  • Hardcoreness
    Very Hardcore

    All scenes that I have seen contain anal penetration.

  • Females / scene
    1 to 3

    Most videos feature one or two female models.

  • Males / scene
    1 to 2

    A lot of the older videos feature the Captain (an ugly fuck) and a younger dude, while newer videos typically has only one male actor.


  • White
    Most scenes
  • Ebony
    No scenes
  • Asian
    Some scenes
  • Latina
    Some scenes

Almost all white girls, though I did see some Latina and Asian scenes.


  • 3 days
    USD 4.95
  • 30 days
    USD 24.95
  • 90 days
    USD 49.95
  • 365 days
    USD 99.95

Trial membership is limited and converts to full membership at an increased price.

I am a sucker for outdoor porn, so Captain Stabbin' was one of my favourite adult sites at one point. The concept is simple: Get really hot girls on a boat, find a quiet spot out to sea and ram their tight assholes with a big dick - then speed off.

All American Amateurs

The chicks are young American models, many of them eighteen or nineteen years old. Some are petite with tiny perky tits while others sport big firm boobs and round asses. Older updates have a mix of good looking chicks and those that just leave you indifferent, while the hotness rating of recent models is through the roof. Add lots of backdoor action to the mix and you've got a winner!

Every scene focuses on anal penetration, and seeing these beautiful girls getting assfucked in the sunshine is such a turn on.

Earlier videos feature the captain, who is a bit of an old pervert, usually joined by a younger dude. They pick up girls on the beach and go out on the captain's (very nice) boat for some sucking, fucking and anal love. The boat has been exchanged for a cheaper model in the newer videos, but guess what: I don't give a fuck about the boat as long as the girls take the dick up their ass like there is no tomorrow!

The Captain is Retired and updates have slowed

Unfortunately captain stabbin' is not the most regularly updated site of the reality kings bunch. The original captain seems to have retired back in 2007, and since then updates have slowed down a lot. The ones that do come out are excellent quality though - crisp HD with really great looking girls being fucked hard in their rear openings. The storyline has been down prioritized; the chicks are there to get ass-banged, and they don't try to hide it. No cheesy dialogue - you get a short warm-up in each scene while they go to their designated place of fornication and from there it is just good hardcore anal sex.

Medium sized ageing archive

There are a total of around 300 videos on captainstabbin, but only twenty-some are new high definition videos, that live up to the technical quality we expect of our porn today. Each update comes with a large image gallery including pictures of the hardcore action. Image sets can be downloaded as zip-archives, and videos are available for streaming or download. The newest videos can be downloaded as full-length scenes in full HD MP4's of about 2.5GB each - the quality of those is outstanding. Older updates can only be downloaded in shorter clips, and the resolution is not satisfactory by today's standards.


Older videos feature excellent amateur reality anal action, and were it not for the poor resolution they would be well worth the price tag on their own. However great the new porn videos are, there simply aren't enough, and updates are too far between to justify the price.

But there's a Bonus!

Luckily when you buy a membership to captainstabbin you automatically get unlimited access to more than 20 other premium adult sites from reality kings, many of which are updated a lot more regularly, and offer the same very high quality that the most recent CaptainStabbin scenes come in. The package deal is an amazing value for money - you get several new amateur and reality porn episodes every day of the week and an archive of close to 10.000 of the best amateur reality porn scenes!

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